I am the co-owner of Hair Warrior but I also teach yoga.  This week I am sharing with my students the importance of happiness.  Many studies have found people would rather be happy than have money.  It sounds easy but how is it done.  First off  each morning when you wake you make a conscious choice to be happy.  You tell your self I am happy 🙂  Our brain tends to focus on the negative but if you focus on the positive you begin to see more positive.  I know that when faced with a tragedy or severe illness it is difficult however, most days are just regular days. So tell yourself this is a great day.   Then before you doing anything write down 3 things you are grateful for at this moment in life.  It has been shown that the most grateful people are the happiest people.  Next, do a random act of kindness each day.  Think about when you do something kind to someone it makes you and the receiver feel amazing.  Lastly do what you love and love what you do.  Abby and I created Hair Warrior because we found there was a need for the product.  However, we love what we do therefore;  it is a passion verse a job.   It is so important to make someone happy then you will be happy too.