Stephanie, Product Tester

“I have a teenage daughter with extremely curly thick hair.  About once every couple of months she wants to straighten her hair to have a change.  She has so much hair that it is hard for her to be able to do it herself, so we plan at least an hour to straighten her hair with a Chi Iron.  I have put about 15 different products over the course of the last ten years to see what would control the frizz and puffiness.  Some will help but nothing has ever worked the way Hair Warrior does.  For Brittany’s senior prom she wanted straight hair and I was able to cut the straightening time in half by using Hair Warrior.  We were so amazed at how silky and shiny her hair became that I had to take pictures for evidence.  In addition, I was able to style her hair into an up do with braids, and her heavy thick hair looked sleek, shiny and gorgeous.  Thank you Hair Warrior!”

Laura, Yoga Studio Owner

“Being a hot yoga instructor and yoga studio owner,  I have had problems keeping my hair looking and feeling healthy. As a bright blonde, I found that after using the product, Hair Warrior helped to keep my hair color and the strength of my hair.  The heat would activated the product so it was always deep conditioning my hair every time I went in the hot room.  Thank you Hair Warrior for conquering my evil hair!”

Jay, Colorist and Hair Stylist

“As a hair colorist and stylist for 15 years, I have seen tremendous results from my clients who use Hair Warrior.  Their hair is healthier, has more shine and body.  For my  “curly girls” who have more dry hair, Hair Warrior helps add moisture and therefore, their hair is less frizzy.  For my “finer” hair gals who use Hair Warrior,  their hair has more body, shine and feels silkier.”

Kim, Personal Trainer

“Hair Warrior is probably the BEST hair care product I’ve ever used!  As a 49 year old woman, the days of full and glossy hair are over and as a personal trainer that showers sometimes three times a day doing spin, weight training and hot yoga, Hair Warrior is a great way to keep it from being frizzy and dry between my activities. And it’s true; a little goes a long way. I use a small dab on my damp hair in the morning and it keeps my ends soft and smooth all day without weighing them down or getting greasy. I’d recommend this product to anyone.”

Lauren, Yoga Instructor

“Hair Warrior does exactly what you would think it should based on the name alone. I teach several hot yoga classes each week and I practice as often as I can. My hair needs protection from these elements and I have found Hair Warrior to be a product that conditions, soothes and protects. I use it even when I am not teaching or working out. It smells incredible and feels really silky.”

Meghann, Yoga Practitioner

“My naturally wavy hair runs on the dry side and my daily hot yoga practice severely damaged the ends. My hair stylist asked me many times to stop sweating daily, but I was addicted to the practice and that wasn’t an option. After using Hair Warrior, my hair is silky, more manageable and much healthier. Within a few weeks of using it, I went back to the same hair stylist and she was blown away by the results.”

Patty, Yoga Practitioner

“I love hot yoga and how great I feel afterwards EXCEPT I hate what it does to my hair. I have very curly and frizzy hair, which is so sensitive and difficult to manage. And the heat destroys it even more! The more I did the hot yoga the worse my hair would be come. I started to use Hair Warrior before every session of yoga and my hair actually became healthier than it has been in years.  My hairdresser couldn’t even believe that it became better than it has been in years.  She thought I quit the hot yoga because my hair now so smooth and shiny and healthy.”