Best Blow Dryer For Natural Hair 2022

If you have natural-looking hair and are planning on investing in a hair dryer for styling after you get out of the shower, then you may want to consider getting a special dryer that was made just for your hair type.

In this guide, we will take a look at three top-rated models so that you can find the best blow dryer for natural hair that will meet all your needs.

Best Inexpensive Blow Dryer for Natural Hair

The Conair 146P 1875-Watt Turbo Styler may prove to be the best blow dryer for natural hair because it utilizes natural ions that help reduce frizz and maintain a wonderful level of shine in your hair. There are 2 heat and speed settings on this blower, so you can style your hair in a way that works best for you.

There is a Cool Shot button on this unit, which helps keeps your style locked in place after you’ve formed it in your hair. There is also a hinged filter on the hair dryer, so cleaning it out after extensive use is a breeze. The unit is built to be one of the quieter models on the market, and it is very easy to use. Even heat distribution to every part of your hair occurs when you use this blow dryer, so you don’t have to worry about not getting every last bit of your hair completely dry.

Real reviewers on say that they like how quickly this blow dryer will dry your hair. Users also like the lightweight functionality of this blow dryer, as it keeps your arms from getting tired as you use it.

Best Blow Dryer for the Money

Anyone looking for the best blow dryer for natural hair may want to consider the Andis 82005. You can purchase this unit in beige or black chrome, depending on your preferences, and you can run the unit on 1875 watts of power, so you know that every inch of your hair will get dried.

The 10-foot power cord helps you to dry your hair from virtually anywhere without being restricted by the cord, and the shock-protection plug helps keep you safe in case the cord accidentally falls in water while you are using the blow dryer.

There are 4 different speeds on this unit, and there is also a cool shot button on the blower; both of these features work together to provide high-quality style to your hair. Once the style is set, the cool shot button will make sure the style stays the way you want it. Since this hair dryer has ceramic heating technology, it helps keep your hair looking shiny and healthy. reviewers say that they like how quickly your hair will dry with this blower, as well as how silky your hair comes out looking. Users also like the cool shot button on this unit, which helps your hair hold its style.

Best Blow Dryer to Buy

The Babyliss Pro BABBTT5585 can easily be considered the best blow dryer for natural hair because it utilizes infrared heat to dry your hair and keep it looking nice and shiny. This unit also dries your hair several times faster than many other blow dryer models on the market do, and it is exceptionally lightweight, so it will be comfortable for you to hold onto.

There is superior heat and air pressure in this blow dryer, so you can get the maximum levels you need to dry your hair quickly and maintain a style. This blow dryer only runs on 900 watts, which means that it consumes less energy than other blow dryers on the market.

According to popular reviews, users like how quickly this blow dryer dries their hair. Users also like the fact that it isn’t very noisy. Although you will hear a sound when you operate this blower, it won’t be as loud of a noise as you are used to hearing.

Have you been trying to find the best blow dryer for natural hair? If so, then you may want to consider one of the above three options.

Each of them has several features, designed to provide you with years of high-quality use while preserving your hair’s natural shine and color.

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