Best Blow Dryer Reviews In 2022

One of the tools that a professional hair stylist will tell you is the most important to have in good shape and quality is a blow dryer. Next to scissors it is used on almost every client and is required to last a long time.

Most hair stylists will tell you that it check out positively in three main categories; heat, speed and weight. The following are the top five blow dryers that come highly recommended from both stylists and regular consumers who use them often.

Best Blow Dryer for the Money

The Revlon RV544PKF is a tourmaline ionic ceramic dryer with 1875 watts. This dryer has two rocker switches for heat and for speed, giving you an easy transition. It also has two different speeds and two heat options to give you more selections.

The design makes the dryer approximately twenty five percent lighter than other dryers making the stress on your hands minimal. There is a twenty four month limited warranty that comes along with this as well as concentrator and diffuser attachments.

Consumers who bought this dryer say that the heat is excellent, drying time is cut in half in most cases, and that the speed of the air flow is perfect. Other reviews were very pleased with how light the dryer still feels after using it for a long period of time. This is a very well recommended dryer and has all three benefits, it gets hot enough for minimal dry time, the speeds offered are fast and it weight less than other dryers.

Best Rated Hair Dryer under $30

The Conair Hair Dryer is also made from tourmaline ceramic and has 1875 watts. The settings have two for speed and three separate heat options plus the cool shot for times when cooler temperatures are necessary.

This dryer comes with two attachments; a diffuser and a concentrator. If your hair gets frizzy the Conair comes highly recommended by reviewers who were looking for a dryer to tame the frizz. Consumers who purchased this dryer were very pleased with the weight and the price.

One customer was so pleased that it is still going strong after five years of near daily use. The options for heat and speed on this dryer give it good versatility and the reviewers commented that it was light weight and easy to handle.

Best High Powered Hair Dryer

The Xtava Alllure Ceramic Hair Dryer is considered a professional dryer with 2200 watts. It has three separate heat settings and two settings for speeds. This dryer is a good looking sleek black dryer that is lightweight and comes with the concentrator nozzle.

It touts the ability to break up water fast enabling the dryer to dry hair quicker. Reviewers with very long hair were extremely pleased at this dryer’s ability to dry large amounts of long hair without over drying or scorching.

It also reduces frizz with customers who have thin hair prone to frizzing. There are three heat settings and a cool shot, plus it offers two different speeds. Reviewers were very happy with the seven foot cord giving them a lot of room to move around.

Top Professional Hair Dryer under $50

The BaByliss Pro BAB2000 is a Ceramix Xtreme dryer with the instant cool shot and infrared heat. This dryer has six heat and speed setting combinations and offers a three year warranty. This is a very powerful dryer and minimizes drying time, especially for long hair.

When you are using this the switch to change speed or heat settings is a slide switch not a toggle making it easier to manage. Reviewers comment mostly on how long the dryer has lasted for them with updates years later saying that the dryer is still working just as well as the first day.

The 2000 watts of power gives this dryer great speed for blowing and the heat function gets hot quickly, customers also say that the dryer is lightweight and not very loud making it very highly recommended.

Top Rated Ionic Turbo Blow Dryer

The Bed Head Dryer BH407 has 1875 watts and it is also called an ionic turbo dryer. This dryer comes in hot pink unlike the others that run mostly black and has a removable end cap and concentrator included.

There are two heat and speed settings on this dryer and it is recommended to dry thick hair quicker and leave a better shine than most.

The cold shot button is conveniently located and the dryer is lightweight and easy to handle. One of the most talked about features is the style of the dryer.

The pink color and location of the buttons makes for a well-liked blow dryer from customers who reviewed it. Reviewers also commented that it is a professional grade dryer for a much lower price.

Get the Best Hair Blow Dryer

When you are looking for the best blow dryers available it is important to know how you are going to use the dyer before you buy. Some dryers work better with thin hair and others work well with thick hair. Then there are the dryers that work well with both like the five listed here.

Once you are clear on what you need it is easy to nail down the right dryer for you. Look for one with a switch that is not accidentally changed when using it.

Be sure that the heat not only offers more than one option but it gets hot enough to dry thick hair safely and that it offers a cool shot

If you are planning on using the dryer every day it is a good idea to find one that is lightweight and will not cause stress on your wrist and arm.

It also helps to check the length of the cord, if you will be using this on someone else you will want to move around the person and having a longer cord is a great deal more beneficial when moving around in a space.

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