Best Blow Dryer Reviews In 2022

A blow dryer is one of the products that a professional hair stylist would emphasise to you as being of the highest importance for you to have in terms of its condition and quality. It is the second most common tool used on customers after scissors, and it is expected to have a long lifespan.

The overwhelming majority of hairstylists will tell you that it is satisfactory in all three of the most important categories: heat, speed, and weight. The five blow dryers listed below are the ones that get the most praise from professional hairstylists as well as regular customers who make frequent use of them.

Best Blow Dryer for the Money

Tourmaline ionic ceramic drier with 1875 watts is what you get with the Revlon RV544PKF model. This clothes dryer has two rocker switches, one for the temperature and one for the speed, making it simple to make adjustments. In addition to that, it offers you a choice between two distinct speeds as well as two distinct levels of heat.

Because of its design, the dryer is roughly twenty-five percent lighter than comparable dryers, reducing the amount of strain placed on the user’s hands. Attachments for a diffuser and a concentrator are included with this purchase, in addition to a limited guarantee that is valid for twenty-four months.

Customers who have purchased this dryer have said that it has great heat, that it cuts drying time in half in the majority of instances, and that the speed of the airflow is just right. The fact that the dryer is still quite lightweight after extended use has been praised extremely favourably in a number of other evaluations. This is a very highly rated dryer that has all three benefits: it heats up quickly enough to reduce the amount of time needed for drying, it has faster speeds than other dryers, and it weighs less than other dryers.

Best Rated Hair Dryer under $30

The 1875-watt Conair Hair Dryer is constructed out of tourmaline ceramic and has the same design. In the settings, there are two choices for the speed of operation, three distinct heat settings, and a cold shot for those occasions when lower temperatures are required.

This clothes dryer has a diffuser as well as a concentrator as two of its accessories. Reviewers who were searching for a blow dryer that might control frizz have given the Conair a very good recommendation if your hair tends to get frizzy. Customers who bought this dryer expressed a high level of satisfaction with both the weight and the price.

After five years of almost daily usage, it continues to function well, much to the satisfaction of one client who purchased it. This dryer has a decent amount of adaptability because to the choices for heat and speed that it has, and reviews said that it was simple to manage and that it was lightweight.

Best High Powered Hair Dryer

With a power output of 2200 watts, the Xtava Allure Ceramic Hair Drier is a model that may be categorised as a professional dryer. It features two different speed options in addition to three different heat settings. This dryer has a sleek black design, is lightweight, and is equipped with a concentrator nozzle. It has an attractive appearance.

It has the capacity to quickly break up water, making it possible for the dryer to dry hair in a shorter amount of time. The capacity of this drier to dry enormous quantities of lengthy hair without overdrying or burning it received overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who have exceptionally long hair.

Customers who have fine hair that is prone to frizzing will notice less of the problem as a result of using this product. In addition to its two distinct speeds, it has a total of three heat settings, one of which is a cold shot. The reviewers were quite pleased with the seven-foot chord since it provided them with a great deal of freedom of movement.

Top Professional Hair Dryer under $50

Infrared heat and a quick cool shot are also features of the BaByliss Pro BAB2000 drier, which is a Ceramix Xtreme model. This clothes dryer comes with a three-year guarantee and has six different heat and speed setting combinations. This is a very powerful drier that cuts down on drying time significantly, particularly for longer hair.

The switch that allows you to alter the speed or heat settings is a slide switch while you are utilising this, making it simpler to use than a toggle switch would be. The majority of reviewers note on how long they have had their dryer, and some update their reviews years later to indicate that their dryer is still functioning just as well as it did when they initially bought it.

The 2000 watts of power offer this dryer amazing speed for blowing, and the heat function becomes hot extremely rapidly. Customers also remark that the dryer is lightweight and not too noisy, which makes it a very highly recommended product overall.

Top Rated Ionic Turbo Blow Dryer

It is also known as an ionic turbo drier, and the Bed Head Dryer BH407 has a power output of 1875 watts. This dryer comes with a detachable end cap and a concentrator, in contrast to the majority of the others, which are black in colour. It also comes in a bright pink colour.

This dryer has two heat settings and two speed settings, and it is praised for drying thick hair faster than most others and leaving a greater shine than most other dryers.

The cold shot button is situated in an accessible location, and the overall design of the dryer makes it simple to hold and manoeuvre. The design of the dryer is often cited as one of its most popular selling points.

Customers who evaluated the blow dryer said that they loved it a lot, particularly because of its pink colour and the position of the buttons. Reviewers have also said that despite its more affordable pricing, it performs at a level comparable to that of a professional drier.

Bestselling Ceramic Hair Dryer

You’ll be able to blow dry your hair in record time with the Revlon RV544PKF, which has a power output of 1875 watts. In point of fact, the appliance is intended to be very quick, and it has two different heat settings. Additionally, the triple-baked ceramic that is contained within the appliance ensures that heat will be distributed evenly over your hair, preventing any one section from drying out more than the others.

Because this blow dryer comes with attachments for both a concentrator and a diffuser, you should be able to produce a look for your hair that you prefer without having to make use of an excessive number of other styling equipment. When you have achieved the look you want, you can use the “cool shot” button on the hair dryer to “lock in” the style and make it last longer. This will ensure that your hair will maintain its appearance even when you walk outdoors.

One of the finest characteristics of this blow drier, which has been lauded by reviewers, is its capacity to operate on almost all kinds of hair. This blow dryer ought should be able to assist you get all of your hair dry in a very short amount of time, regardless of the length, thickness, length, or fineness of your hair. Users, of course, also value the general build quality of the hair dryer, as it is quite long-lasting and constructed to withstand a lot of wear and tear for a very long time.

Best Travel Hair Dryer to Buy

The Vidal Sassoon Vsdr5523 has two different heat settings, allowing you to dry your hair at the pace of your choosing regardless of whatever setting you choose to use. Because it is compact enough to be carried about, this blow dryer is ideal for those times when you need to quickly dry and style your hair while you are out and about. This particular hair dryer has a cold shot button that, when used, helps you lock in the style that you have selected. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your hair losing its style throughout the course of the day.

Because the handle on this hair dryer folds up, it is quite simple to store it in a carry-on bag or a handbag when it is not in use. This makes the hair dryer very convenient to travel and a great gift to travellers. Because the device is equipped with a dual-voltage adaptor, it may function in any part of the globe. This means that you will never be without your hair dryer as long as there are operational electrical outlets in the places in which you are staying.

Users like the overall levels of power that this hair dryer provides despite its compact size, as stated in a number of reviews that can be found online. They furthermore value the truth that this blow dryer may be folded up into a portable unit and brought along with the user wherever they go.

Best Tourmaline Hair Dryer to Buy

If you are looking for a hair dryer that is of professional quality and will provide the same results for you at home as a salon would, then the Rusk Speed Freak RSK988 may be a suitable investment decision for you. Because it has a power output of 2000 watts, the specific hair drier in question is able to quickly and effectively dry nearly any kind of hair, making it a very versatile piece of equipment. In addition, it has seven distinct heat settings, giving you complete command over the way in which your hair is styled.

Because this blow dryer is shockproof, you won’t have to worry about getting electrocuted by mistake if you drop it or if there is a power surge while you’re using it. In conclusion, the blow dryer has ceramic tourmaline technology, which helps your hair retain its natural shine over time. This ensures that your hair will continue to look great even after you’ve used it for some time.

The versatility of this blow dryer, in that it can handle hair of varying thicknesses and lengths and can dry it extremely rapidly, is something that a lot of people find appealing. They also enjoy the fact that this hair dryer removes the need for any extra styling equipment to be utilised, as well as the fact that it prevents the possibility of frizz in the hair that is styled with the drier.

No longer is it necessary to have a difficult time locating a nice hair dryer that will endure for a significant amount of time. If you spend your money on one of the three models that have been described above, you should be able to get a high-quality hair dryer that will maintain the softness, shine, and overall health of your hair for a considerable amount of time.

How to choose the Best Hair Blow Dryer?

  • Before making a purchase, it is essential to have a clear idea of the functions you want from a blow dryer, as this will help you narrow your search for the finest model available. Some blow dryers are better suited for drying fine hair, while others perform well on coarse hair. The following is a list of dryers that are compatible with both types of washing machines.
  • When you have a clear idea of what you need, it is simple to zero in on the dryer that is the best fit for you. Look for one that has a switch that cannot be turned on or off by mistake while it is being used.
  • Make sure that the heat not only has more than one setting, but that it also reaches a temperature high enough to dry thick hair without causing damage, and that it also has a setting for a cool shot.
  • If you want to use the dryer on a daily basis, it is in your best interest to look for one that does not put undue strain on your wrists and arms, since this will make daily usage more uncomfortable for you.
  • Checking the length of the chord is also helpful since if you are going to use this on someone else, you will need to move around that person, and having a longer cord is much more handy when moving about in space.

It is true that there is a plethora of blow dryers available for purchase nowadays; nevertheless, it is not always easy to track down the model that is most suited to meet your requirements. People seem to be interested in dryers with quicker drying times, accessories that assist maintain shine, and attachments that facilitate hair styling.

If you are also interested in acquiring these items, then the selection of hair dryers that is now accessible to you may seem to be rather daunting. We are happy to report that we have limited it down to these well-known companies that could be appealing to you so that you can have all of your requirements satisfied without having to pay a significant amount of money.

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