Best Curling Iron For Thick Hair In 2022

Do you have exceptionally thick hair and find it hard to create those perfect curls that stay in all day? If so, then you probably need a curling iron that was specifically designed for people with thick, luscious hair.

In this guide, we will take a look at three such models so that you can find the best curling iron for your hair type and all the benefits that are offered.

Best Curling Iron for Thick Hair under $30

The Infiniti Professional Nano may prove to be the best curling iron for thick hair because it has a 1 1/2 –inch barrel, which means that it is large enough to fit around even the thickest of hair without a problem. The unit emits ions to greatly reduce the amount of frizz that is present in your hair, and the special infrared energy protects your hair’s natural luster and shine.

You can adjust the heat levels of this curling iron to your liking, including some of the ultra-high levels for the maximum volume of curls. The unit heats up in approximately 30 seconds for immediate use, and it has an automatic shutoff function to help keep you safe. There is a 9-foot swivel cord for convenience, and a protective heat shield makes the iron very safe and easy to store.

Real reviewers on say that they like the fact that you don’t have to use large amounts of hairspray to make this curling iron work for you. Users also like the automatic shutoff and the 9-foot swivel cord for easy maneuvering of the device.

Best Thick Hair Curling Iron to Buy

Anyone looking for the best curling iron for thick hair may want to consider the John Frieda Curling Iron. This particular device sports a 1 ½-inch barrel for easy grasping of the thickest hair. The ionic conditioning that this curling iron offers helps reduce the amount of frizz in your hair, while the titanium-coated barrel gets hot in a matter of seconds.

An LCD temperature control allows you to choose how cool or hot this curling iron is, so your curls will be as voluptuous as you decide to make them. There is also a swivel cord on the unit for easy maneuver and an automatic shutoff to help keep you safe. reviewers say that they like how lightweight this curling iron is, and how easy it is to maneuver without pulling your hair. Users also like the full control of heat settings that you get, as this allows you to decide how small or how large you want your curls to be.

Best Thick Hair Curling Wand

The Remington CI9538 is by far the best curling iron for thick hair. There is a 1 ½-inch barrel on this unit, so even people with the thickest hair can curl it to perfection. The highest heat you can set the unit to is 410 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum curl volume. In a matter of seconds, the unit will heat up as soon as you plug it in, so you can begin curling your hair right away.

After 60 minutes of being on, the unit will automatically turn itself off. This greatly reduces the curling iron’s risk of overheating, which in turn protects you from a potential house fire. There are digital display controls on this unit to make controlling the heat and other settings several times easier than it is on a standard curling iron. Finally, you get a heat-resistant glove when you purchase this curling iron, which also serves to protect you from the heat of the device.

According to popular reviews on, users like how quickly they are able to do their hair with this iron, thanks to the fact that it heats up in about 30 seconds. Users also like the 1 ½-inch barrel that works on virtually all hair thicknesses.

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