Best Eyelash Curlers For Straight Lashes 2022

Resembling a gynecological tool, a medieval torture device or both, eyelash curlers are either loved or hated.

Given their reputed popularity, it would be fine to say that they are liked more than they are despised, but what about eyelash curlers makes them essential for those who do love them?

Eyelash curlers can be used as part of a make-up regimen or they can be used by themselves while going au-natural or sans make-up. Either way, eyelash curlers can be an important tool as they help create the detail to accentuate your eyes. So, if you want to look and feel your best then having a quality eyelash curler is helpful to making that happen.

Why Even Bother With The Eyelashes?

There are some that consider using a tool such as an eyelash curler a superfluous endeavor, however, the truth be told we all know the devil is in the details when it comes to looking and feeling good about ourselves. That is why an eyelash curler is an important tool for people.

Nice, luscious, lashes has been a fine detail used throughout history to accentuate the eyes and it has been that way since ancient Egypt. Curling lashes used to require heavy tools and could be quite the pain for the person but the eyelash curler changed that to make it more effective, longer lasting and safer to use.

Heat Or No Heat

If you have ever used a curling or flat iron, you know that heat works well with getting hair to maintain a certain shape. While it is true they do make heating eyelash curlers the difference is one of safety. It is possible for heated eyelash curlers to damage your skin or eyes in ways that a normal one would not. In addition, the heat can damage your eyelashes making them problematic at best to deal with. No, no heat is better for your and your lashes.

Five Great Eyelash Curlers For Straight Lashes

Best Eyelash Curler for Natural-looking Curl

Coming with four silicon pads, this eyelash curler – Kipozi Pro Series Eyelash Curler will work with all eyelash types and eye shapes without pulling, pinching or crimping. The wide shape creates great looking curls with your lashes while also offering an easy to control shape.

The durable covered handles make them easy to hold, even before having enough coffee in the morning. The carbon steel construction makes them robust and capable of handling normal wear and tear. Users of this eyelash curler speak very highly of the results and how lacking in pain when using these are as well.

Top Rated Durable Eyelash Curler

For long or short lashes, straight or wavy, the Inspirations Professional Series Eyelash Curler can handle them all with easy and without providing pain or hurting your hand while trying to use them. The unique handle offers excellent control and easy maneuverability, even first thing in the morning.

This curler is also designed to be very precise and safe to use around your eye. These won’t crimp, or pinch your lashes so you can look your best without much effort. Users of these eyelash curlers love the safe and comfortable aspects of their use and the pink color, as it makes them easy to find.

Best Wide Angle Eyelash Curler

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, these eyelash curlers – A&J Wide Angle/3D Professional Series Eyelash Curler provide a pain-free but professional look to your eyelashes. Coming with ten replacement pads, these curlers won’t pinch or crimp your lashes but allows you to begin the curl from the root, thus delivering you soft, curly lashes each and every time.

This eyelash curler also comes with a travel package so they can easily be taken on the go. Users of this curler love the extra replacement pads and the comfortable feel and usage.

Bestselling Eyelash Curler on the Market

Designed for both residential and commercial use, these eyelash curlers – Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler are made with a stainless steel frame and unique hinge that is calibrated to apply even pressure each time. This means there is not pulling, pinching, crimping or breaking eyelashes so you get the best look possible.

This curler comes with a satin bag and replacement pads so you can keep on looking your best. This curler works with all eye shapes and hair types that will accentuate your eyes. Users of this curler love how great these feel when using them and how well it works for curling their eyelashes.

Best Eyelash Curler for Straight Lashes

Crafted with slip resistant handles, the Tweezerman Onyx Series Eyelash Curler are lightweight for travel and on the go use. Made in the Tweezerman classic styling, these will curl your lashes without pain or pinching.

These also don’t crimp or break your lashes, allowing you to reach down to the root for a longer lasting, more attractive look and feel to your lashes. Users of these lashes love just how light these are and how easy they are to use to get the best-looking lashes for their style.

Eyelash curlers take some practice to get used to, so if you have never used them before check for the best way to use them. As with any tool, beauty or otherwise, practice safety first to prevent damage to your skin or eyelashes or your eye.

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