Best Flat Irons For Short Hair 2022

The use of hair irons to modify one’s hair stretches back across the generations. What has changed is how efficient and effective these devices have become.

Modern hair irons use electricity either via a cord or cordless to heat the hair thereby breaking the hydrogen bonds that cause hair to change their shape. By the right application of heat, either on a flat surface or a curved surface, hair can be coaxed into holding a different shape for long periods of time. Of course, that all goes back to normal when the hair gets wet, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Straight And Flat

Not everyone with curly hair enjoys the curls or sometimes, they just want a different look or feel to their hair. Regardless of any specific reason, modern flat irons can help flatten and straighten hair that is curly or is prone to being frizzy. However, the concern becomes one of getting the right iron to do the job and do it well, without permanently damaging your hair beyond repair.

Getting A Good Flat Iron

The original hair irons were cast iron and were bulky and heavy. With the introduction of electricity, they were still heavy but less bulky, modern technology has allowed hair irons to be smaller, more compact and easier to use, especially for those with short hair.

Essentially, a flat surface is heated to a high temperature and placed in contact with the hair for a few seconds, thus breaking the bonds and straightening the hair.

However, not all irons are created equally. Some use a metal surface and while this will do the job it can damage the hair more than an iron with a ceramic surface. This is because the heating can be uneven across the metal surface thereby not breaking all the bonds.

Five Great Flat Irons For Short Hair

Top Reviewed Flat Iron

Designed to work with any hair type, the Kipozi One Inch Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron is a dual voltage flat iron, great for travel and use at home.

Using a nano-titanium coating for super fast heating, this iron has an LCD digital display to help you keep track of straightening your hair. It has a 40W draw with a high heat setting up to 450F and readouts can be changed to C at the touch of a button.

It has an auto off for safety and it is lightweight and easy to use. Users of this flat iron remark about how well it works for both long and short hair.

Excellent Straightening Iron for Short Hair

This MHD Professional Hair Straightening Iron has a one-inch width that is great for both long and short hair as well as any hair type. It uses a unique combination of metal and ceramic to prevent damaging your hair. It has flash heating so there is no waiting and the unit has a digital display for temperature settings.

It can handle between 280+ degrees F and 450F and the iron has a temperature memory so you don’t have to adjust it each and every time. Lightweight and easy to use, it is backed by a one-year replacement, two-year warranty. Users of this flat iron love the auto-shutoff feature, the temperature memory and its overall performance on their hair.

Best Rated Travel Flat Iron

Capable of universal voltage, this GEEKDIGG Tourmaline Flat Iron can go where you go. It has a metal bottom plate and a ceramic floating plate to ensure working with any hair style and type. It has a fast heating setting for no waiting and it can supply heat up to 250 degrees F. The Tourmaline helps prevent frizzy hair and this iron is versatile to both flatten and curl your hair.

It has an automatic one-hour shutoff for safety and the unit has a full 360-degree rotating cord to make it easier to maneuver in and around your hair. Users of this iron love the cord swing, the fast heating and how effective it is at straightening their hair.

Lightweight Flat Iron under $50

Designed to be very lightweight and easy to control and use, the Xtava Infrared Flat Iron uses infrared heating to prevent damage to your hair cuticle. The ends are two inches wide and the dual plate design applies the right amount of heat and pressure for any hair type or length without causing frizziness.

It has an advanced processor that can quickly adjust the heat and it heats within ninety seconds. It has a 360-degree cord and it has an auto-shutoff and LCD temperature display. Users love the extra width of the ends and the floating plate for adjusting to their hair style.

Premium Flat Iron for the Price

The Vera Professional Diamond Infused Flat Iron is engineered to deliver a professional style to your hair. It has tourmaline technology to protect your hair from damage while the diamond infused floating plates ensure an even distribution of heat to all fibers thus prevent frizziness and making sure that your hair is fully straightened.

It is versatile as it can straighten, curl or flip hair with ease. Safe for all hair types, this professional level flat iron is well liked by users and they love the efficient straightening and how well it holds for their hair needs.

All electrical irons use heat, therefore care must be taken to not place on a flammable surface during use. Do not leave an iron on, even one with an auto-shutoff.

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