How To Curl Your Hair With a Straightener

Curling your hair with a straightener, also known as flat iron curls, is a popular and versatile hairstyling technique. It allows you to achieve beautiful, natural-looking curls without the need for a traditional curling iron. Hair styling products can get expensive, so if you only have a straightener keep reading!  Follow these step-by-step instructions to curl your hair with a straightener:

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

  • Start with clean, dry hair. Do not use your straightener on damp hair, it must be completely dry. If your hair tends to hold curls better with some texture, you can apply a lightweight styling mousse or texturizing spray.
  • Use a heat protectant spray to shield your hair from the heat of the straightener.

Step 2: Section Your Hair

Divide your hair into manageable sections using hair clips. Start with the bottom layer and work your way up. This ensures that each section is properly curled.

Step 3: Heat Your Straightener

Set your straightener to the appropriate heat level for your hair type. Lower heat settings work well for fine or damaged hair, while higher heat is suitable for thicker or coarse hair. Always start with a lower heat setting and gradually increase if needed.

Step 4: Curling Technique

Option A: Basic Curling Technique

  1. Take a small section of hair (about 1 inch wide) and clamp the straightener near the roots, close to your scalp.
  2. Twist the straightener away from your face (outward or inward, depending on the direction of the curl you want). Outward gives a more lifted look while inward frames your face. 
  3. Slowly glide the straightener down the hair shaft, maintaining the twisting motion.
  4. Release the hair from the straightener and allow the curl to cool for a few seconds before touching it.

Option B: Beachy Waves

  1. Take a small section of hair and clamp the straightener close to the roots.
  2. Twist the straightener halfway towards your face, then flip it over and twist it away from your face.
  3. Glide the straightener down the hair shaft while maintaining a “S” shape.
  4. Repeat this technique throughout your hair for loose, beachy waves.

Step 5: Repeat and Adjust

  • Continue curling each section of hair until you have curled your entire head.
  • If you want tighter curls, use smaller sections and hold the straightener in place for a bit longer. For looser curls, use larger sections and release the hair sooner.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

  • Once you’ve curled all your hair let it sit for a few minutes before you touch it. Use your fingers to gently separate and tousle the curls for a more natural look.
  • If desired, apply a light-hold hairspray to set the curls in place, this is recommended if you want a more dramatic curl. 

Step 7: Reviving Curls the Next Day

If you want to revive your curls, use a texturizing spray or simply mist your hair with water and scrunch to redefine the curls. We recommend putting your hair on the top of your head with a silk ponytail holder at night to ensure that your curls hold.

Curling your hair with a straightener may take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes an efficient way to achieve beautiful curls or beachy waves. Experiment with different techniques to find the style that suits you best!

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