Copy Ponytails Hairstyles From Celebrities

Do NOT underestimate the power of ponytails!! LOL. Ponytails are one of the hottest hairstyles all time!! You can also see a lot of celebrities are doing it. If you do it right, ponytails can be either formal or casual hairstyles, and of course, it is easy to do! You just need to know some easy great techniques to pull it off!!


It is totally easy to pull off a perfect ponytail. One of my favorite ponytail styles is a side ponytail (like Hillary’s)!! This cute and easy hairstyle can be done literally within 1 min!! You can also arrange it by having poof front hair, curling your hair, or using cute hair accessories to make it fancier. Definitely works for a party or a formal occasion!!

There’s more stuff you can do!! Try to accessorize it!!

Cute headbands and flower pins are great for ponytails. Be creative and give your ponytail a personality!!

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