How To Get Easy Wavy Hairstyles With No HEAT!

I showed a very easy way to curl your hair with a curling iron in a previous post. But, using iron can cause damage to your hair.  If you want to keep your healthy beautiful hair, frequent use of your curling iron or straightening iron is a big NO NO!!

Don’t you worry !! There are a lot of things you can do to have cute easy curly hairstyles without damaging your hair. You can make braids, use rollers, and so on.

But, today, I want to share a SUPER easy way. Your curls won’t be as perfect as the one made by a curling iron, but rather look cute and messy “just woke up” hairstyles!!

A Trick For Waking Up In Already Curled Hair

① Your hair should be damp to start with. You can apply hair products such as mousse or gel at this time if you like. (This time, I didn’t use any.)

② Divide your hair in 4 sections. First, divide hair in a half vertically, and divide each section horizontally.

③ Take a top section of hair and twist it. Twirl it at the base, just like you would make a bun. Secure it with a hairband.

④ Take a bottom section of hair and twist it. This time, you are going to twirl it around the bun you made first. Secure it with a hair band. This way, bottom curls are going to be bigger.

⑤ Do the same on the other side.

⑥ You are done for now!! Just go to bed like that, and you are gonna have wavy hair by tomorrow morning!! Yay!

* I made buns on the side of my head just because I tend to sleep on my back. If you are the person who sleeps on your side, then you should make them on the back of your head.

⑦ Next morning, style your hair with mousse, jel, or wax by separating and scrunching your curls with fingers. Hairspray to finish.

This time, my curls looked like this! What do you think?? I used hair wax to style.

The curls will come out differently depends on your hair type and how you twist hair. Try this easy trick and see how your hair will look next morning!!

But, what if you don’t like the way curls come out… I can’t say it never happens…

Do not panic! There are some solutions!!

Since you already have wavy voluminous hair, we will take an advantage of it, and turn into different hairstyles in only few minutes!

1st Option: Half Up Half Down

2nd Option: Messy Bun

3rd Option: Ponytail

Click the name of the hairstyles to discover the techniques!!

I also found a great article showing other ways to curl your hair without heat. Click here to read the article.

Good Luck! 

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