How To Get Easy Wavy Hairstyles With No HEAT!

In a recent piece, I demonstrated a quick and simple method for curling your hair using a curling iron. However, putting an iron on your hair may lead it to get damaged. The use of a curling iron or straightening iron too often is a huge no-no if you want to maintain your hair in good condition and preserve its lovely shine.

Don’t be concerned at all!! There are a number of different things you can do to avoid doing any damage to your hair while yet achieving the look of adorable, effortless curls. You have the option of making braids, using rollers, and so forth.

But I’m here today to show you an EXTREMELY simple method. Your curls will not be as beautiful as those produced by a curling iron, but rather they will have the appearance of charming and sloppy “just woke up” hairstyles!!

A Trick For Waking Up In Already Curled Hair

1 Before you begin, make sure that your hair is moist. If you want to, you may use hair products like mousse or gel at this point in the styling process. (I did not make use of any this time.)

2 Part your hair into four equal portions. The hair should first be cut in half vertically, and then each part should be cut in half horizontally.

③ Take a piece of hair from the top of your head and twist it. Turn it into a bun shape by twisting it at the bottom, as you would normally do. Use a hairband to keep it in place.

④ Take a little bit of hair from the bottom of your head and twist it. You are going to twist it around the bun that you formed the first time, but this time you are going to do it differently. Use a hair band to keep it in place. The bottom curls are going to have more volume as a result of this.

5 Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the opposite side.

6 You are finished for the time being! You only need to keep sleeping like way, and when you wake up in the morning, your hair will be curly! Yay!

  • Due to the fact that I often sleep on my back, I styled my hair in buns on the side of my head. They should be worn on the back of the head if you are the kind of person who sleeps on their side.

7 The next morning, give your curls some separation and volume by scrunching them with your fingers while styling your hair with mousse, jel, or wax. Use hairspray to complete the look.

This time around, my curls took on this appearance! What are your thoughts?? I achieved the look using hair wax.

Your natural curls will turn out differently depending on the texture of your hair and the way you twist your hair. Give this simple tip a go, and you won’t believe the difference it makes in your hair the following morning!!

But what if the curls don’t turn out the way you want them to… I can’t claim that it never occurs since it does…

Do not panic! There are several answers to this problem!!

We will take use of the fact that you already have wavy and volumous hair in order to quickly transform your appearance by giving you a variety of new hairstyles.

1st Available Choice: Equal Parts Up and Down

The second choice is a messy bun.

The third option is a ponytail.

Simply click on the names of the hairdos to see the step-by-step instructions!!

In addition to that, I discovered an excellent article that included more heat-free methods for curling one’s hair. To read the article, click on the link provided.

Best of luck!

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