Get Japanese Big Bun Hairstyle

This BIG bouncy bun hair is very popular in Japan!

You can find a lot of girls doing this hairstyle in Harajuku, Shibuya, and pretty  much anywhere!!

Do you like this look? I think it’s really cute! If you like this hairstyle, here are very easy tips for you!!

You can pull off this cute easy hairstyle in 5-10 min 

How To Make Japanese Big Bun Hair?

1. Make a very high ponytail. For me it is easier to tilt my head down when doing a high ponytail. I usually use hair wax before styling my hair. This way my hair stick together without having a lot of fall outs.

2. Bring your hair to the front, and spread it and apply hairspray. You want to hairspray the inside rather than the outside.

3. Once the hairspray is dry, start teasing all of your hair. Give a lot of volume!!!

4. Now, it’s time to make a bun! Take all of your hair. Grab on to the end of your hair and loosely wrap it around the base. Use bobby pins to secure the hair under a bun.

5. Hairspray all over and you are done!

Since my hair is not that long, this is as big as it can get for me. If you have longer hair, it will be easier to add more volume. If you do not want to have so much volume, then do not tease your hair so much.

Thanks for reading 

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