Get Sexy Quick With Easy Messy Up-do Hairstyle


The hairstyle that we have for you today is not only quite simple, but it is also really seductive! I hope you like it

  1. While keeping the hair in front of your face and a little section of hair on either side, pull the upper part of your hair back into a high ponytail. If you pull your hair back into a neat and pulled-back ponytail at this stage, the completed product will look much nicer.
  2. Bring the bottom hair up into a twist and place it just next to the base of the ponytail. Make use of bobby pins in order to maintain the twisted hairstyle.

*This is the method that I use to apply bobby pins. I’m merely holding my hair back with this large hair clip so that you can have a better look at what I’m doing. To begin, grab a small portion of the twisted hair as well as some of the bottom hair with a bobby pin and insert it into the hair in a direction that is about perpendicular to the head. After that, you will need to drag the bobby pin down to the side and then fully insert it into the hair. Repeat these steps a few more times until all of your hair is safely tucked away.

  1. Bring the remainder of your hair from the back of your head to the front and wrap it around the base of the ponytail.
  2. Next, give the hair on top of your head some curls. Keep in mind that you should only curl a tiny portion of your hair at a time. After that, give your hair some volume by tease-brushing it.
  3. You may do anything you want with the remainder of your hair from here on out. One possible solution is to pull part of the hair forward. To maintain the style, you should use your go-to hair product. And, you are done!!

I want to thank you for reading ;-

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