How To Do Easy Half Up Half Down Hairstyles?

If you hair is naturally wavy, then this hairstyle is perfectly easy for you. But, for those who have straight hair like me, in my opinion, you hair will look better if it is curled beforehand. Plus, it is easier to get the poufy hair just like Catherine Zeta Jones if your hair has a lot of volume. Try this cute and easy hairstyle right now!!

Pretty Half Up Half Down Hair In Under 3 Min

1. Start with curled or wavy hair.

2. Take a couple of small sections of hair from the top of your head and tease them until you have enough volume. Once you are done with teasing one section, hairspray the part from behind and let it hang down forward to get it out of the way.

* If you are not so sure how to tease your hair, go to the bottom of this post to see a tutorial video!!

3. Put your teased hair back and gently comb ONLY the surface to make it look nice.

4. Bring a half of your hair to the back and twist it one time. Then, push it up little bit to give a pouf.

5. Make a criss cross with bobby pins right under the twist and secure it. Use more bobby pins if needed to put your hair in place. You can use a hair clip instead of a bobby pin, too!

6. Hairspray the pouf and you are finished!!

Tips for Teasing Your Hair

If it is hard to add volume by teasing your hair, apply hair wax or hairspray first. This will make your hair easy to tease! If you are using hairspray, remember to let it get completely dry first.

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