How To Get Ready With Wavy Beach Hair In 15 Minutes?


If you have straight or slightly wavy hair, having a curling iron comes in handy.  You can instantly put some pretty curls on your hair and look very polished.  See, I am a lazy person. There is no way for me to have 30 min for just styling my hair!!! But I want to look nice too! ;-p  So, I’ll show you how to pull off cute and easy wavy hairstyles that don’t take your precious morning time ;-)

How To Curl Your Hair With A Curling Iron?

For those who never used a curing iron, it might take a couple of practices to shorten styling time. But don’t worry, it is quite simple and easy!

For big bouncy curls, use a wider curling iron like 2″. Use a narrow one for smaller curls. Personally, I like bigger and looser curls that are perfect for a beach wavy style.

1. Start with completely dry and combed hair. If you have wavy hair, it might be better to blow dry and straighten your hair first. Curls will look and stay better this way.

2. Use a hair product like L’Oreal Studio Hot Curl Spray to hold curls all day long. If you have long or a lot of hair, it may be easier to divide your hair into several parts before starting curling.

3. Take an inch of your hair and apply a warmed curling iron to the mid part of your hair.  Roll your hair around the iron and at the same time slide down to the end of your hair. (See the video below for this technique. It is easier to just see!!)  Let it sit for few seconds. Gently remove the iron from your hair. Remember to loose the clip of iron when you slide it down on your hair, otherwise, you will tear or damage your hair. Randomly change the direction of curls. Continue this until your hair is all curled.

4. Wait until your hair is completely cooled down. Then, scrunch and shake your hair to give more volume and separate the curls.

5. Lightly hair spray all over your curls.

6. You are good to go!

This is me with a wavy beach curls ;-D It usually takes me only 10-15 min! I always get a complement on my curly hair at work!


I strongly recommend to use a hot curl spray. It totally makes difference on how quick you can create perfect curls and how long curls stay. You can also use hair wax to separate curls better and add more volume and a matt look. Just rub tiny amount of hair wax on your hands and scrunch your curls. Finally, use hair spray.

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