How To Get Ready With Wavy Beach Hair In 15 Minutes?

Having hair that is either completely straight or just slightly wavy is ideal for using a curling iron. It just takes a few minutes to give your hair some gorgeous curls and make you appear much more put together. See, I am a lazy person. There is no way that I will have thirty minutes to devote only to styling my hair!!! But I also want to present a good appearance! ;-p I’m going to demonstrate how to create a nice and simple wavy hairstyle that won’t waste any of the valuable time you have in the morning.

How To Curl Your Hair With A Curling Iron?

For people who have never styled their hair with a curling iron before, it may take a few of practises before they can significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes. But don’t be concerned since it really is that straightforward and uncomplicated!

Utilize a broader curling iron, like as one that is 2 inches, to get large, bouncy curls. For tighter curls, choose for one that is more thin. Curls that are wider and looser, like the kind that are excellent for a beach wave style, are my personal preference.

  1. Start with hair that has been washed, towel-dried, and combed. It is recommended that you blow dry and straighten your hair before trying to curl or straighten wavy hair. Curls will appear and remain more beautiful if you do them this manner.
  2. If you want your curls to last all day, use a product such as L’Oreal Studio Hot Curl Spray on your hair. Before beginning to curl your hair, it may be helpful to section it into numerous sections, especially if you have a lot of hair or hair that is long.
  3. Take about one centimetre of hair from the middle of your head and curl it using a heated curling iron. While doing so, roll your hair around the iron and slide it down to the end of your hair at the same time. (This method is shown in the video that may be seen below. It is much simpler to just see!) Just give it a few seconds to settle. Remove the iron from your hair in a careful manner. If you forget to loosen the clip of iron before sliding it down on your hair, you might end up tearing or damaging your hair. Alter the curls’ direction in a haphazard manner. Carry on doing this until your whole head of hair is curled.
  4. Ensure that your hair has totally cooled down before proceeding. The next step is to give your curls more separation and volume by scrunching and shaking your hair.
  5. Spray a very light mist of hair spray all over your curly hair.
  6. You are ready to leave at this point!

This is a picture of me with beachy waves in my hair ;-D It just takes me around 10 to 15 minutes normally! At work, everyone often tells me how much they like my curly hair!

I can’t stress how important it is to use a hot curl spray enough. It makes a significant difference in both how quickly you can get flawless curls and how long the curls continue to hold. You may also use hair wax to better separate curls, provide more volume, and create a matte appearance in your hair. Scrunch your curls while applying a very little quantity of wax on your palms and doing so. Apply some hair spray as a finishing step.

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