How To Setup Quick Messy Buns Hairstyles?

I’m sure everybody has experienced oversleeping and jumping out of your bed with crazy hair!! The worst things is that you don’t even have time to do anything about your hair!! I gotta admit, this happens to me quite often… It’s OK, I know I’m not perfect ;-p

Today, I’m sharing a messy bun hairstyle that will help you get through a chaotic morning. It is perfectly fine to have crazy messy hair! I mean, the messier the better!!  How awesome is that!

How to Do Cute Easy Messy Bun Hairstyles

1. Make a regular ponytail with a hair band that does not have metal part. Hair gets caught in the metal and it can tear your hair when taking off. Make a ponytail where you want to have a bun at. I recommend you to do a ponytail as tight as possible. This way, your messy bun look stand out.

2. Loosely twist your hair and wrap it around the hair band. Secure it by either slipping the end of hair under the hair band, or using bobby pins.

3. Basically that’s it!! You can even do this in a car!! 

There are more things you can do to spice up you cute messy bun hairstyles. They are:

  • Tease your hair after making a ponytail. It gives a lot more volume.
  • Pull a little bit of hair out from the bun. Tease it or wrap it the opposite way to achieve your desired look, and bobby pin it.
  • Use hair accessories, like chopsticks, flower pins, or headbands.
  • Make a low bun and wear a thick headband for a retro look. (and huge sunglasses too!  )
  • Arrange your front hair to look a little different. All back, center part, right to left, left to right, pouf, and so on… Whatever you like!!

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