How to Use A Flat Iron?

Do you sometimes wish you could wear your highly curly hair straight? Do you have very curly hair? If this is the case, purchasing a flat iron would be a smart purchase for you to make. On the other hand, you can’t immediately start using one of these gadgets by plugging it in and starting to use it. Instead, while using a flat iron, there are a few important things that you need to keep in mind at all times. When using a flat iron to straighten your hair, there are a number of factors that need to be considered, the most essential of which are as follows:

Prepare your Hair for Straightening:

Before you can start using a flat iron, you need to first condition your hair in an adequate way so that it can take the heat. If you do not follow these instructions, you risk causing harm to your hair. Before you apply the iron to your hair, you will want to make sure that any gels or styling products that you may have used are completely removed by giving your hair a good rinse. After that, you will need to wash and condition your hair so that it will retain its lustre and seem to be in good health even after the flat iron has been applied to it.

Do not use a hair dryer on your freshly washed hair; instead, let it air dry. Instead, if you can, try to get your hands on some thermal spray. Because of this, your hair is able to become very soft as it dries, which offers the ideal circumstances for style your hair without causing any harm. After this step, you may use a blow dryer on the remainder of your hair to ensure that it is completely dry before using the flat iron. This will ensure that the iron performs as it was designed to.

Set the Temperature Accordingly:

You will need to adjust the temperature to the level that is optimal for the kind of hair you have in order to get the best possible results from the straightening iron. People who have fine hair should maintain the heat settings at or below 300 degrees Fahrenheit, while those who have coarse hair should keep the heat settings anywhere between 350 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is possible for the ordinary individual to attain optimal results at temperatures ranging from 300 to 380 degrees Fahrenheit without putting their hair at risk of being damaged.

Begin Using the Flat Iron:

You may start using the flat iron as soon as your hair is totally dry and the temperature has been adjusted to the appropriate level. First, detangle your hair with a comb to remove any knots or tangles, and then separate your hair into many strands or sections. While you focus on straightening one portion at a time, keep these sections in place by securing them with clips. It is recommended that you begin at the top of each section and work your way down to the bottom. You risk burning your hair if you keep the flat iron hovering over the same location for an extended period of time.

It is possible that the same piece of hair will need many passes with the flat iron in order to get the desired straight appearance. Unclip another portion of your hair after you are pleased with the results of the first section, and then continue moving the straightener in a downward direction, beginning at the top of your hair and going as near to the roots as possible before proceeding toward the bottom of your hair. Before you try to straighten your hair in pieces, you should probably brush or comb out any tangles that may have formed in your hair as a consequence of the clipping process. This will allow you to more easily straighten your hair in sections.

Making Sure your Hair Stays Straight:

After you have styled your hair with the flat iron, you will need to use your blow dryer once more on the cool setting to ensure that your hair stays in the manner that you have selected. You may also use a thick brush to make your hair straight while you are using the hair dryer to cool it down. This will help you get the look you are going for.

At this point, it can be a good idea to add some hair spray or another product that will help your hair keep its style for a longer period of time. If you can locate a product that smooths out the waves in your hair, then it is most likely going to be the one that works best for you. Finally, in order to prevent your straight hair from becoming frizzy when you walk outdoors, you should always have an umbrella with you if there is even a remote possibility that it could rain.

There’s no reason why using a straightening iron and maintaining straight hair should be difficult for you. If you give the methods in this article a try, you should be able to get gorgeously styled hair that is minimal maintenance and will continue to look its best throughout the day.

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