Alex & I have discussed how wonderful it is that she begins each of her yoga classes with a simple touch to each person.  What a beautiful gesture it is to let each of her students know that before they begin their practice knowing that their personal energy helps make them an integral part of that yoga class. That their presence matters.

Sometimes it is those small gestures that impact us for the rest of the day or even better resonate with us far longer. It is that sense of touch that helps bind us together.  I think that is what is so amazing about the practice of yoga. Yoga seems to embrace touch, both physical and mental, unlike many other form of exercise.  Where many forms of exercise are a competition of sorts, yoga is not.  It is about getting in touch with what you need , what your body needs and what your mind needs.

The message or inspirational words during  the beginning and the end of the practice touch and nurture the mind. The messages help set intentions, seal in a practice and clear the mind.  It is a perfect “vacation” for a few minutes from a hectic day ahead or the one you’re leaving behind.

Who will you touch today?  What will you be in touch with?  Where will you be in touch?  So many questions but, maybe touch lets us and reminds us that we care and are cared for.  That we matter in someway.  Touch connects us to each other.  Creating, strengthening that relationship we have with ourselves and one another.

We wanted to let you know that you have touched Alex and I.  We appreciate your love and support for Hair Warrior.  Thank you for believing in Hair Warrior.

yoga pic